About Us


Superior agricultural fertilizer, crop protection and exceptional consultative service make GCO the industry and that’s important, but is just one part of the equation. There are many other factors that need to be considered and they include:


An experienced staff made up of agronomics, chemists, AG economists, and crop consultants make up our team at GCO. We have years of real world experience in the field, not just the classroom. Our agricultural expertise provides growers, dealers and independent regional partners with unique products and custom solutions.

At GCO, our fertilizers are one of a kind. We use revolutionary nanotechnology to nano-size nutrients so they are immediately ready for plant absorption. This means higher nutrient efficiency and lower energy expended for the plant which leads to higher plant productivity.


GCO has reps that cover many regions in the South and are always looking to take on new customers. Click the link below to see a sales representative that services your area you can call today!

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At the home office in Foley, AL, GCO has a fleet of delivery vehicles as well as a big rig to assist in swift and efficient delivery to anywhere in the Southeast. We have a team that strives to process and deliver orders as quickly as possible.