Agriculture Products

The science behind AmpAgronomy products is proven.

Carbon-based chelation and complexing, combined with advanced formulations of fertilization nutrients makes AmpAgronomy products uniquely qualified to maximize plant productivity.

The science behind AmpAgronomy products is proven – in the lab and on farms. You will notice higher yields, increased quality and a more efficient use of your fertilizer investment.

GCO Inc. created the AmpAgronomy line of crop fertilizer products to help you achieve outstanding results:

  • Complexed and Chelated to protect nutrients from soil tie-up
  • Readily plant available to maximize plant uptake
  • Formulated for ultra-low inputs and maximum efficacy
  • High Carbon content to promote plant growth
  • Environment-friendly inputs that help you achieve a responsible crop fertility program.

Contact us with questions about crop programs for your geographic and environmental conditions. We’re here to help you with recommendations backed by proven agronomics.


  • The most efficient source of Humic acids available
  • Ultra-Low application rates
  • Provides important Proteins for enhanced plant growth

  • Increases Nitrogen efficiency, allowing for lower overall Nitrogen inputs
  • No additional baggage

The Most Efficient Carbon Source Available

Microbial activity in the soil is a critical aspect to efficient plant uptake of nutrients and ultimately, optimum crop growth and yields. As the basic building block of all life forms, carbon, all crops – in any growing environment – will benefit from an effective application that includes plant-available nutrients. Humic acids, in conjunction with long and short carbon chains, act as chelating agents to increase nitrogen efficiency. This, in turn, allows for lower nutrient inputs. AmpAgronomy Carbon Karma will help you grow more robust crops, and increase the efficiency of low-input nutrients.

Enhances Beneficial Soil Microbial Activity

The short and long chain carbons within AmpAgronomy Carbon Karma provide the “food” that microbes seek out within the root zone. The dramatically short life cycle of microbes dictates that a reliable blend of available carbon is necessary within the growing environment.

Allows For Greater Nitrogen Efficiency

AmpAgronomy Carbon Karma allows for lower overall nitrogen inputs, which is not only more cost-efficient, but also reduces the risk of nutrient runoff into ground and surface water.

Provides Plant-Available Nutrition

The unique formulation of plant-available carbon and protein nutrients in AmpAgronomy Carbon Karma are vital for maximizing plant growth potential. David Zuberer, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University said, “Without a doubt, the most important limiting factor for microbial growth in soil (assuming moisture is adequate) is the abundance of available organic carbon sources.” While there are many Humic sources on the market, AmpAgronomy Carbon Karma is unique, with a carefully balanced blend of short and long chain carbons, along with proteins that are readily taken in by the plant for growth. For greater soil structure, enhanced microbial activity and increased Nitrogen efficiency, AmpAgronomy Carbon Karma is your best choice.



  • NPK balanced to promote new crop growth
  • Low application rate that provides complete nutrition with ultra-high efficiency

  • Natural growth hormones promote strong root development
  • Promotes quick, uniform early start

Prepare Your Soil For New Turfgrass Growth

Production farms demand a great deal from their soil, and the common input programs utilized during the growing season do not properly prepare the growing environment for the following season. New plantings demand soil that is prepared for a new growing cycle, with available phosphorus, in addition to amino acids and other natural nutrients needed to re-establish the microbial activity that the crops will depend on for productive growth. AmpAgronomy Eco-Soil Bio Activator is the solution for farms where disturbed soils lack the nutrients required for fast and productive growth.

Enhances Vital Microbial Activity

Amino acids, humic and fulvic acids not only are utilized as chelation agents to protect nutrients, but are also proven as effective “food” to promote microbial activity that releases nutrients within the soil.

A Balance Of NPK For New Growth

High efficiency nutrients, chelated for protection from soil tie-up, are balanced for the needs of new growth. New sod needs phosphorus in particular, along with moderate amounts of nitrogen and potassium. Micronutrients are added to promote strong plant development and to enhance microbial activity.

Promotes Water Retention In The Soil

The yucca extract and seaweed extract in AmpAgronomy Eco-Soil Bio Activator enhances the soil’s ability to retain moisture, keeping your new growth in an environment of positive macro and micropore air/water ratios. AmpAgronomy Eco-Soil Bio Activator is more than your average “starter” NPK package, including natural non-plant food ingredients that are shown to promote microbial activity, boost root growth and mass, as well as enhance plants’ natural defenses against stress. Chitin, yucca extract and seaweed extract have been known and used in agricultural settings for years, and despite their “non-traditional” nature, they are shown to benefit growth in soil that has become “tired” from constant production. These ingredients, along with the NPK and micronutrient blend, are part of a complete program of soil replenishment – in a single package. The result is soil that is prepared to give your crops the best opportunity for success.



  • Ultra-Low application rates
  • The perfect blend of efficient Potassium and Phosphorus
  • Enhances Nitrogen metabolism and protein development

  • Promotes uniform maturity and production
  • Enhances plant strength and resistance to drought and temperature extremes
  • Clean, easy handling solution

The Perfect Blend Of Micronutrient Minerals

Among the fourteen elements that are required for optimum for plant growth, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are needed by the plant in larger quantities. Other elements such as zinc, manganese, iron, copper and boron, however, known as “micronutrients,” and are needed in smaller quantities. Because of their role in robust growth, color and ultimately, yield, these are no less important than your N-P-K inputs. AmpAgronomy Macro Micro provides an advanced balance of micronutrients, chelated for protection from soil tie-up and readily available for plant uptake.

Enhances Overall Crop Yield

Each micronutrient provides a particular, and important, benefit to plant productivity. Crop yield is enhanced when the plant has ready availability of each of the five micronutrients in AmpAgronomy Macro Micro.

Enhances Crop Quality and Color

AmpAgronomy Macro Micro provides just the right mix of iron, copper and boron to positively affect both crop color and quality.

No Baggage – High Results

Ionic minerals, chelated and complexed to resist soil tie-up, means AmpAgronomy Macro Micro gives you plant-available nutrients with low inputs and low waste.

Protecting The Nutrients

All micronutrient minerals carry an ionic charge that needs to be satisfied through complexing chelation to keep the nutrient from becoming tied-up in the soil. All AmpAgronomy products feature Carbon Technology preventing tie-up reactions in the soil. Because amino acids are utilized in AmpAgronomy Macro Micro, you are assured that the nutrients are easily assimilated by the plants, in a form that enhances plant strength and growth. Many products claim “complexing” and “chelation,” but use synthetic materials to protect the nutrient. AmpAgronomy Macro Micro is just what the plant needs, in just the way it needs it.



  • Improves absorption through the roots, increases plant resistance to adverse conditions
  • 14% available organic nitrogen content
  • Odor is pleasant

  • Provides immediately available nitrogen and helps crops grow quickly
  • 100% natural, 100% effective

The Building Blocks For Plant Growth

New growth in plants is the result of proteins being built with amino acids. Plants also use some amino acids to drive photosynthesis, by which carbohydrates are converted into both energy and new proteins. Commonly, Humic acid is used as a crop input, however amino acids are often considered, despite the critical role they play in potential plant productivity and plant resistance to environmental stresses. AmpAgronomy Max Amino is an organic nitrogen fertilizer with 18 L-Amino acids, and is derived exclusively from vegetable proteins! AmpAgronomy Max Amino is not salt based, but is 100% natural, and 100% effective.

Enhanced Microbial Activity

There is little as powerful for enhancing microbial activity as amino acids. Providing essential “food” for microbes increases their population, which in turn, enhances the soil environment for strong plant growth. Microbes are critical for storage and release of nutrients in the root zone, providing plant-available nutrition that is often tied-up within the soil.

Enhances Plant Resistance To Stress

Only ionic, protected nutrients are truly plant-available, resisting soil tie-up. The complexing and chelation of AmpAgronomy Max Amino with Humic and Amino Acids assures high return with very low input rates.

True Plant-Available Nutrients

Stress such as High temperature, Low humidity, AmpAgronomy Max Amino supplies amino acid chelates specifically designed for application on plants. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of protein. AmpAgronomy Max Amino contains 18 amino acids (including nine “essential” amino acids) and organic nitrogen (derived from vegetable proteins), which can be absorbed by plants very quickly. Treatment with this product enhances plant growth and productivity. Moreover, it improves absorption through the roots, increases plant resistance to adverse condition (drought, frost, salinity, and other environmental stresses). Frost, Pest attack, Floods have a negative effect on plant metabolism with a corresponding reduction in crop quality and quantity. The application of Amino Acids before, during and after the stress conditions supplies the plants with Amino Acids which are directly related to stress physiology and thus has a preventing and recovering effect.



  • Ultra-low input rates
  • Strengthens plant cellular structure
  • Enhances soil structure, creating more efficient pore spaces for nutrient uptake

  • Enhances plant metabolism
  • Clean, easy handling solution

Efficient, Effective & Affordable Calcium Nutrition

With common standard treatments of gypsum, lime or calcium nitrate, generations of growers have understood the importance of calcium for plant nutrition. And while these inputs are relatively inexpensive, none are readily plant-available, and a majority of applications are lost in soil tie-up. AmpAgronomy Mega Cal provides calcium protected from tie-up, along with other essential plant available nutrients, building stronger plants and enhancing soil structure for optimum nutrient uptake. AmpAgronomy Mega Cal your most effective solution for efficient calcium nutrition.

Enhanced Crop Quality

The reacted calcium in AmpAgronomy Mega Cal provides plants with the nutrition critical for strong cell walls. Protected through proprietary technology from soil tie-up, AmpAgronomy Mega Cal will strengthen plants and enhance the quality of harvested crops.

Enhanced Soil Structure

Proper soil structure (flocculated) is enhanced by calcium, which has shown to ensure more efficient micro pore spaces

Enhanced Root Growth

Calcium is the material of root growth, and AmpAgronomy Mega Cal provides the most cost-efficient source of ionic calcium for nutrient uptake in the root zone. AmpAgronomy Mega Cal outperforms most standard solutions in effectiveness and prevention of nutrient loss through tie-up. Maintaining strong cell walls is important to ensuring overall plant strength, and can have a positive impact on the productivity of crops. Soil structure is also dramatically enhanced through application of reacted calcium, along with high levels of nutrients, such as manganese, silicon and sulfur, as well as carbon. As nutrients are only taken up through the water within macro and micro pore spaces, AmpAgronomy Mega Cal helps build flocculated soil, increasing drainage and improving a positive growing environment for greater root growth.



  • Highly efficient Potassium and Phosphorus fertilizer
  • Ultra-Low application rates
  • Enhances plant strength and resistance to drought and temperature extremes

  • Chelated and complexed nutrients enhance overall plant metabolism and growth
  • Liquid formulation for easy handling

Superior Nutrients For Optimum Growth

While soil reports may suggest a large potassium supply in the soil, the fact is that a mere fraction of 1 percent is plant-available, the remainder either insoluble or otherwise locked in tie-up. To maximize crop potential, growers need frequent applications of soluble, plant-available potassium. Potassium nutrition is critical for plant energy production, water movement, and activation of enzymes that promote overall strength. The combination of chelated potassium with phosphorus in AmpAgronomy P&K+ provides the optimum solution for strong and high-yielding crops.

Enhances Crop Yield & Quality

Applied after plants have begun growing – post “starter” – the unique combination of phosphorus and potassium in AmpAgronomy P&K+ provides plants with the nutrition necessary for more consistent maturation and increased productivity. Only ionic, protected nutrients are truly plant-available, resisting soil tie-up. The complexing and chelation of AmpAgronomy P&K+ with humic, fulvic and amino acids assures high return with very low input rates.

Enhances Plant Strength & Growth

Potassium nutrition aids in photosynthesis, root strength and increased protein production. AmpAgronomy P&K+, applied as recommended, provides the right amount of potassium, along with phosphorus, to help plants reach their potential.

The Importance of Potassium Nutrition

Field results have demonstrated optimum results when potassium is applied with greater frequency in lower amounts. Timing is important, as different soil conditions will dictate unique needs. Applied as recommended, AmpAgronomy P&K+ provides superior plant-available potassium, enhancing plant turgor, and assisting in regulating growth, while also increasing the plant’s ability to resist stress-inducing conditions. As part of a well-planned crop management program, AmpAgronomy P&K+ will help ensure maximum crop yield and quality.



  • NPK balanced to promote new sod
  • Low application rate that provides
    complete nutrition for grow-in
  • Natural growth hormones promote
    strong root development

  • Promotes quick, uniform
  • Seed safe at recommended rates
  • Clean, easy handling solution
  • Will not corrode application

Complete Plant and Soil Nutrition

Sod farms demand a great deal from their soil, despite the typically solid program of inputs used during the growing season. The growth cycle, followed by harvest, demands that the soil be prepared for a new cycle, with plenty of Phosphorus, as well as the amino acids and other natural nutrients that reestablish the microbial activity that the new sod will depend on for productive growth. Replenish 911 is designed for resodding, resprigging and reseeding on sod farms where disturbed soils lack the nutrients required for fast establishment. It also enhances the health and vigor of shrubs and flowering plants.


  • Highest availability phosphorus fertilizer
  • Ultra-Low application rates

  • Promotes quick, uniform emergence
  • Seed safe at recommended rates

Out-Performing All Other Phosphorus Inputs

For crops to reach their maximum potential, research has shown that plant-available phosphorus is critical during the beginning stages of growth. Most of the phosphorus used in agriculture is inadequately protected from soil tie-up, leading to waste and reaction with calcium, aluminum, iron and other positively-charged ions in the soil. The result is nutrient deficiency, lower crop yields and diminished quality. Utilizing Carbon Technology, AmpAgronomy Root Driver protects phosphorus from tie-up, while providing high-efficiency nutrition to plants when they most need it.

Plant-Available Nutrient For Superior Growth

Carbon Ortho Phosphate Technology prevents tie-up reactions from happening for an extended period of time, keeping the phosphate in plant available form and ready for immediate uptake and utilization.

Low Inputs – High Return

AmpAgronomy Root Driver is the most plant-available, lowest input phosphorus source in the industry because of the carbon-complex protection of the nutrient. Most of traditional phosphorus inputs are lost to soil tie-up.

Protect The Nutrient – And The Environment

AmpAgronomy Root Driver satisfies most phosphorus environmental regulations relating to pounds per acre, while still meeting or exceeding the plants’ needs. AmpAgronomy Root Driver protects the phosphorus with carbon complexing, keeping the phosphorus free from soil tie-up and available to the grass all season. Fixation reactions in soils may only allow a small fraction (10-15%) of the phosphorus in fertilizers to be taken up by plants in the year of application, according to the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research. AmpAgronomy Root Driver incorporates amino acids and carbon to protect negatively charged phosphorus molecules from forming insoluble bonds with other ions in the soil, and ensures plant-availability for sustained growth and greater plant strength.



  • Enhances overall crop quality
  • Moves Calcium into the root zone, where it is most needed for proper soil structure and plant uptake
  • Reacted Calcium will not tie up in the soil

  • Enhances water movement for more e cient irrigation
  • Enhances plant metabolism

Create A More Efficient Root Zone

Growers commonly deal with two types of soil compaction problems: soils that allow too much water, or are “dispersed,” essentially drowning the roots – or soils that keep don’t allow water into the micropores where nutrients are taken up, or are “compacted.” Calcium has been proven to be an essential ingredient to building properly structured soil, or “flocculated,” for creating and preserving micropore spaces for root development and nutrient uptake. AmpAgronomy Sur Cal+ delivers calcium with a highly effective surfactant to carry the calcium where it is most needed, while also lowering surface tension for better water movement.

Enhanced Plant Growth

The powerful combination of ionic calcium with a surfactant to enhance water movement creates a growing environment in which plants can more efficiently absorb and metabolize nutrients. This is one of the most essential aspects of productive and strong plant growth.

Enhanced Water / Air Ratios In The Soil

Too little water, or too much water, in the root zone can restrict plant growth. The surfactant in AmpAgronomy Sur Cal+ enhances the “Volumetric Water Content,” allowing for the proper air water ratios in soil for optimum plant growth.

Enhanced Root Growth

Calcium is the material of root growth, and AmpAgronomy Sur Cal+ provides a cost-efficient source of highly soluble calcium for nutrient uptake in the root zone.

Without proper soil structure or the use of a surfactant, water flow is concentrated within the macropores.

AmpAgronomy Sur Cal+ helps water better reach the micropores, where root hairs uptake critical nutrients for strong growth.

Simply Intelligent Growth

The ratio of air and water through the macropores and micropores is one of the most critical aspects of plant nutrient uptake. The surfactant within AmpAgronomy Sur Cal+ creates improved water penetration into and through the micropore areas, where root hairs interact with the nutrients in the soil. As the surface tension is reduced, the calcium in AmpAgronomy Sur Cal+ is driven into the root zone, helping build flocculated soil, increasing drainage and improving a positive growing environment for greater root growth.



  • An ideal nutritional solution for “finishing” turfgrass before harvest or heavy wear
  • Suppresses growth while enhancing root development and mass
  • Maximizes turf color
  • Chelated nutrients with Active Carbon Complex

  • Enhances plant’s resistance to stresses
  • Retards senescence
  • Will not corrode application equipment
  • Highly soluble

TB-3 –Regulated, Stronger Turfgrass Growth

With agronomic and bio-chemistry advances, the benefits of growth hormones for maximizing plant performance have been seen throughout agriculture. TB-3 brings these same advantages to sports field turf and professional sod producers in a package that also includes vital nutrients for growth. As a tool for finishing, TB-3 will prepare your turf for the rigors of the playing season, or for harvest. Color, plant strength and resistance to stress are all enhanced with TB-3, helping give your turfgrass its look before and after a high wear or high stress event.

Enhances Root Growth and Root Mass

The powerful combination of Cytokinin, Kinetin, Gibberellic, Indole-3 and Auxins enhance cell elongation and root development. Stronger roots means greater access to soil nutrients and more vibrant turf.

Enhances Plant Stress Resistance

The growth hormones in TB-3 have been shown to increase turf resistance to temperature and drought, and enhance the plant’s resistance to both biotic and abiotic stresses, preparing your turf for extreme conditions.

Maximizes Turfgrass Color

With a blend of micro-nutrients and growth hormones, TB-3 delivers a powerful combination of proven ingredients to improve turf color at just the right time. Turf growth hormones –often referred to as Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) serve vital functions at the finishing stage of turf readiness. These hormones, combined with nutrients chelated through Active Carbon Complex Technology, offer a powerful tool for optimum turf appearance and strength.


  • Ultra-Low application rates
  • The perfect blend of efficient Potassium and Phosphorus
  • Enhances Nitrogen metabolism and protein development

  • Promotes uniform maturity and production
  • Enhances plant strength and resistance to drought and temperature extremes
  • Clean, easy handling solution

The Ultimate Combination For Crop Nutrition

At plant set, crops are at a stage of their greatest need of proteins for development and nutrients that counter-balance the external and internal stresses of development. Primary importance needs to be placed on nutrients that support Nitrogen conversion and Amino Acids that enhance microbial activity. The inclusion of Potassium in AmpAgronomy Ultimate enhances the plant’s capability for energy production, water movement and the activation of enzymes that promote plant strength and stress resistance. The complexed and chelated nutrients in AmpAgronomy Ultimate provides the ideal solution for strong and high-yielding crops.

Enhanced Plant Quality

The unique combination of essential nutrients, fermented sugars and Amino Acids in AmpAgronomy Ultimate provides plants with the nutrition necessary for more consistent growth.

Increased Microbial Activity

Only ionic, protected nutrients are truly plant-available, resisting soil tie-up. The complexing and chelation of AmpAgronomy Ultimate with Humic and Amino Acids assures high return with very low input rates.

True Plant-Available Nutrients

Insufficient levels of Amino Acids in alternative fertilizers means that much of the nutrients remain unprotected from soil tie-up. AmpAgronomy Ultimate contains Amino Acids to fully complex and chelate nutrients, to ensure nutrient protection and enhance plant uptake. When in sufficient supply to sequence, Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are then converted by the plant into blades, stems and leaves. Only AmpAgronomy Ultimate contains sufficient Amino Acids to fully complex and chelate nutrients – resisting soil tie-up – but also to provide superior conditions for increased microbial activity. All of this leads to higher plant uptake of readily available nutrition for plants to reach their potential. The addition of sugar mannitols in AmpAgronomy Ultimate enhances the conversion of Nitrogen in plant metabolism, increasing plant growth efficiency and strength.


  • Mitigates water-repelling soils
    and alleviates localized dry spot
  • Rapidly re-wets sand-based root
  • Quickly improves turf response,
    vigor and quality

  • Improves irrigation efficiency by
    dissolving bicarbonate build up
  • Promotes uniform water infiltration
  • Ideal for combining with Fairy Ring
    fungicide applications

A Superior Wetting Agent for Turfgrass

Summer stress can be particularly hard on sand-based golf course greens, causing root growth decline. Additionally, water-repellent rooting mediums are often discovered on golf greens, causing increased stress in spots – meaning uneven turf growth and color within the space of a single green. Applying Quench at the first signs of drought stress, or before signs appear, will mitigate the risk of turf damage. But even after evidence of localized dry spot (LDS), Quench, as a wetting agent, is an effective solution for beginning the healing process of your greens, starting in the soil.

Alleviates Localized Dry Spot (LDS)

A localized dry spot is simply a sign of drought stress, causing root decline in the golf course greens. As a wetting agent, Quench followed by full watering –will alleviate the stresses causing LDS, mitigating the localized drought condition.

Promotes Uniform Water Infiltration

The blend of non-ionic surfactants and carboxylic acids dissolve bicarbonate build-up, enhancing water movement through the soil profile. Used across the green, water infiltration will be more uniform.

Re-Wets Sand-Based Root Zones

Roots require a balance of water and air in the macro and micropore spaces in the soil. Ensuring uniform water movement across the green will bring moisture to the entire root zone, enhancing overall turf strength. In the sand-based soil environment of most golf course greens, there can be a great deal of variation in soil moisture. The causes of this vary, but the results can play havoc on superintendents’ ability to maintain consistency. One study released by the GCSAA recommends fighting summer stress on greens by treating the entire surface with a wetting agent, rather than spot-treating problem areas. Beyond the obvious upside of enhancing consistency, the entire green surface will benefit from greater water movement through the root zone, and irrigation will be more efficient, achieving greater return on the water invested.


  • Balanced microbial diet and
    enhanced feed
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Nutrient protection

  • Environmentally friendly organic
    chelation technology
  • Multi-release point active carbon –
    ensures the plant gets the right
    nutrients at the right time

Carbon Amino Nitrogen, C.A.N., is a powerful mix of short, medium and long chain carbons that increase nutrient uptake to the plant. During this process, C.A.N. will increase nitrogen metabolism, balance the soil and feed microbes and plants.

This innovative product is blended utilizing our patented nano technology ultrasonic and dynamic cavitation process.